Last Visit to Virginia Until After Baby!

We traveled to Virginia to visit Mark’s family this last week. I’m sad that I didn’t take many pictures. I’m going to blame it on pregnancy brain.


Back carrying through the airport at nearly 30 weeks pregnant was not exactly what we had planned. Mark was going to carry Sam and most of our luggage (my manly man), but United had an epic fail with our flights. Let’s just say, we I was quite the sight sprinting through the airport looking all big and supermommy. IMG_3809_1024Sam is such an incredible traveler and way more adaptable than Mom and Dad. Between a few busy bags and an iPad, he stayed completely occupied and never once whined. He was a trooper! IMG_3814_1024

We spent time swimming at Aunt Heather’s and Uncle Ray Ray’s. I told Mark to put sunscreen on Sam. It was his first time … ahem. IMG_3827_1024

Adelaide invited us out to the farm to see the cows. This was probably the highlight of Sam’s trip! IMG_3830_1024

He loved Aunt Adelaide! He’s not big on letting other people hold him, so this was a BIG deal. IMG_3832_1024

He thoroughly enjoyed feeding the cows and was very disappointed when it was time to leave. IMG_3850_1024 IMG_3851_1024

No worries though. He was fine once we got to Grammy’s road so he could drive. Emmy even got to unbuckle. It’s a special treat thanks to gravel roads.IMG_3865_1024

Aunt Heather taught Sam how to take selfies. I won’t tell you how many pictures I’ve now had to delete. 😉IMG_3930_1024

I found Samuel getting ready one morning. He said, “I just like Daddy.” A baby smelling like Old Spice is quite interesting. IMG_3939_1024

We had to bring Corduroy to Doctor Grammy. She made some suspenders for the poor guy so he could keep his pants up! No more sagging Corduroy. Thanks, Grammy!IMG_3954_1024By the time we got home, we were exhausted but grateful for the time we got to spend in Virginia. It was such a low key, relaxing trip. Very thankful for family!

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