Timmy Meets Pepaw

Pepaw flew in to pick up Nonnie and meet his newest grandson who shares his name.

DSC_0054_1024We took a hike one day which was wonderful! Fish Creek Falls is a simple enough hike but beautiful to see.

DSC_0058_1024 DSC_0066_1024 DSC_0071_1024 DSC_0081_1024 DSC_0100_1024 DSC_0108_1024 DSC_0127_1024 DSC_0139_1024 DSC_0142_1024

Look at that stretch! Someone likes the sun. DSC_0151_1024 DSC_0158_1024 DSC_0171_1024

On another day, we took them to another part of the mountain to test out the Alpine Slide. I’d say everyone had a blast. Timmy and I hung out at the base just enjoying the weather and sun.DSC_0182_1024 DSC_0184_1024 DSC_0187_1024 DSC_0194_1024 DSC_0202_1024It was such a wonderful weekend. We are so grateful for Nonnie’s help these last several weeks. I don’t know what we’d do without her.

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