Trimming the Tree as a Family of Four

It’s still a little surreal to know that we are trimming the tree as a family of four this year, but we are and how fun it was.

DSC_0361_1024 DSC_0365_1024

Sam got to put the first ornament on the Christmas tree and he chose the red polka dotted D. I’m not surprised. This boy’s favorite color is red!DSC_0369_1024

Of course, I had to move it up higher because it’s so heavy and precious. DSC_0371_1024 DSC_0372_1024 DSC_0373_1024

Each ornament was like a brand new discovery for him. He’s at such a fun age!DSC_0375_1024 DSC_0376_1024 DSC_0380_1024Timmy really didn’t care much for the tree. He’d just as soon stare at his brother. 🙂

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