Timmy is 3 Months Old

Timmy is such a good baby. He’s not a great sleeper, but it’s manageable. He doesn’t require being held a whole lot and sleeps in his car seat pretty well when we are out and about. He adapts easily to new schedules and loves being rocked to sleep.


He loves tummy time and holds his head up all the time looking around and watching Bubba play. DSC_0492_1024 IMG_5815_1024

He sleeps on his belly in a little rocking crib beside our bed. We’ll move him to his own room eventually. And then even more eventually into the room with his brother. IMG_5819_1024 IMG_5825_1024He’s cooing and talking and smiling and wrapping us around his little finger. We’re all smitten and thankful he’s part of our family.

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