Frosty the Snowman is Real!

You’d think living where there is winter for six months of the year, we’d build more snowmen. But … we don’t.

However, Grammy sent us a snowman kit for Christmas, and we couldn’t resist taking advantage even if Frosty’s hat was stolen by a neighborhood dog. The owner’s returned it at least.


In Steamboat, you don’t really roll a snow ball around the way we did growing up. The snow is too fine and powdery to do that. So you have to pack it into little mounds and sort of carve yourself a snowman. DSC_0055_1024 DSC_0057_1024

No problem though, you just get a really over-sized snowman whose hat looks like it belongs to an elf. DSC_0074_1024 DSC_0078_1024 DSC_0079_1024 DSC_0080_1024

Frosty needed a hug!DSC_0081_1024 DSC_0089_1024What a fun day for some family snowman building carving.

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