Family Visits and a Wedding

My sister got married over the weekend, so we made the trip to Tennessee to be there and see family. Here are some pics from our time together.


My Dad picked us up from the airport and we made a stop into the Rainforest Cafe for some food. Sam loved it!IMG_7130_1024

Mamaw got her hands on a baby – quickly.IMG_7144_1024

My grandparents with two of their great grandbabies.


I wasn’t paying attention and realized a little too late that this little guy was sneaking a drink from my milkshake! What six month old can drink through a straw?


Handsome dude with his beautiful Aunt.


Snow appeared while we were in Tennessee. I admit, we were a little disappointed, but it did give us more time with these lovies. IMG_7194_1024 IMG_7195_1024 IMG_7216_1024Sam the superhero in the airport.

A fun weekend!

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