We’re Taking an Epic Road Trip in October

Choosing to take life by the horns and really live.

I want to live. I mean really live. I want to take life by the horns and milk it for all it’s worth.

I want to see the world God created. I want to soak in the California sun. I want to feel the wind whipping through my hair in the capital of Illinois. I want to taste the syrup of New England. I want to swat flies in Africa. I want to experience the waterfalls of Australia.

I want to get outside the walls of my home, of my little town. I want to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day. I want to step outside my comfort zone and let my heart race a little. It’s in the racing that I live. It’s in the adventure that I thrive. It’s in the experience that I truly understand the grace of the Gospel.

God always becomes greater when I venture outside my little sphere.

He becomes bigger as I experience just how small I really am in this great big world. I become more compassionate as I experience life through another’s eyes.

I don’t want to wait anymore. I don’t want to wait for a better time, a time when it could be potentially easier or make more sense financially.

I want to go now. I want to see it now.

And then later?

I want to do it again and again and again.

Choosing to take life by the horns and really live.

And so our journey begins.

Tomorrow we are leaving on a month long road trip with our three and one year old little boys. We are taking a risk, choosing to live, and trusting the Lord to guide us.

This last month has been spent in much prayer and preparation.

We have experienced many late nights of mapping out our trip, choosing the destinations, booking hotels, reserving camp sites, planning our adventures at each stop, and making arrangements for the home we leave behind.

We’ve poured over spreadsheets and budgets, and we have counted the costs of the journey we are committed to making.

Together as a family, we want to breathe.

We want to see the land God has created. We want to meet people from other places. We want to talk with people who don’t look a thing like us. We want to smell the smells of another city so unlike our own.

We want to worship God, grow closer as a couple, and create memories as a family.

I would love to meet you along the way.

Here’s where we’ll be visiting along our journey, and if you’re in the area, let me know.

I’d love to meet you!

Better yet, can we stay with you?

Okay. Too forward? Never hurts to try.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.23.18 PM

Here’s where we’ll be:

And all the places in between as we drive from place to place. We’ll be on the road for nearly forty days!

Maybe you live along the way and we can grab lunch as a family. Or you enjoy hiking and want to hit the Badlands with us. Or you know the best coffee shop in town that doesn’t mind a couple travel-rumpled boys tagging along.

Or you just want to follow along on our journey with us?

We head out bright and early tomorrow morning. We are as ready as we’ll ever be!

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It’s time to breathe. It’s time to really live. It’s time to take a chance.

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