Family Time in Indiana

IMG_1624We spent a couple of nights in Portage, IN with the McGehees. Their hospitality was phenomenal.

We went to a pumpkin and apple farm to experience a little bit of fall. They had a petting zoo where you could pet the farm animals and feed them right out of your hand. The boys were in heaven. I kept Timmy on my chest in the Boba since he didn’t seem to feel well.


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We played for hours and then took a wagon ride to the apple orchard. We walked the rows and rows of apples choosing which apples we would take home. Sam had never been apple picking so it was fun to watch him as he happily chose apples to dump into the bag I carried for him.

IMG_1756 IMG_1755The last night in Portage my childhood babysitter came over to meet the children and say hello. She brought her middle child with her Rachel, and boy was this a treat. Stacey hasn’t changed a bit! It was a wonderful visit. I’m so grateful it worked out.

IMG_1757What a great time we had. So grateful for these people!

IMG_1634 IMG_1758 IMG_1626Want to see all of our travels during our October road trip? See this post.

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