We Thought We Were Headed Home

IMG_2098After our change of plans and long stay in Tennessee due to Timmy’s sickness, we thought we needed to call it quits. We climbed in the car, loaded all of our gear, and put away the maps. We pointed the car west and made it so far as the interstate, but we took the first exit and had a family meeting. IMG_2102What are we doing? Why are we heading home? Is this really where the road ends? We asked ourselves if we really wanted to give up. To cut our plans short by two weeks. We asked ourselves if we would regret not finishing the trip because things got hard. Or will we lick our wounds here and now and choose to trust God for another adventure? Will we play it safe? Or will we trust Him to provide our daily bread? We looked at our baby whose mouth was healing and whose smiles and giggles had returned. We asked Sam what he wanted to do and he said, “I want to see more states.” Mom and Dad agreed. So we turned the car around and took the first exit south. IMG_2104We drove to Memphis, TN forĀ  a quick lunch stop before heading on to Mississippi. IMG_2107 IMG_2116We ate some of the best bbq around and hit the road again, but this time with an anticipation and hope in the generous love of God.

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