Trimming the Tree

We trimmed our tree and put out several of our Christmas decorations today. We decided to get a fake tree this year after many years of real ones. We love it!


I am pretty sure Timmy never wears clothes when I plan to take pictures of “memory making” moments. He was dressed the same last year too. This year we had to keep telling him that the ornaments weren’t balls. thumb_DSC_0538_1024

Sam knew what he was doing. He looks so big!thumb_DSC_0540_1024

Cutie patooty!thumb_DSC_0542_1024

Timmy didn’t believe us about the no ball thing. Sad moment…thumb_DSC_0550_1024 thumb_IMG_9665_1024 thumb_IMG_9666_1024

I love having a fireplace, even though we don’t use it for a fire. haha!thumb_IMG_9668_1024What a peaceful sight!

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