Christmas Cookies and Memory

I love baking cookies. It’s one of those things I wish I did with the kids more, but I’m just not a very good baker. There are very few recipes that I can actually pull off because I’m not that great with details and baking is a science. Not really my forte.

thumb_IMG_9824_1024But I’m learning that it really doesn’t matter how they turn out, it simply matters that we pull out the ingredients and grow together.

And sometimes … just sometimes, we get it right, and tonight was one of those nights. One of my favorite bloggers also happens to share recipes that are so simple I can’t even mess them up. When Lisa shared on Instagram that she had a favorite frosted tea cookie recipe, I knew it was the cookie for me.

thumb_IMG_9819_1024The boys and I made the dough earlier in the day and let is sit in the fridge until after dinner. We all (Daddy too!) pitched in to get two pans of cookies filled, and while we waited, we played a couple of games of Memory together.

Once the cookies cooled, I frosted the cookies while the boys took turns adding sprinkles. Daddy kept Timmy from getting more frosting on the shaker than on the cookies, but that’s neither here nor there.

thumb_IMG_9820_1024Then it was eating time!

thumb_IMG_9822_1024 thumb_IMG_9823_1024 These were the best cookies we have ever made. By far my favorite experience of cookie baking. Definitely saving this recipe for next time. The only problem we found was that the cookie dough was so good, the boys were a little full by the time the finished product arrived on the table. 😉

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