The Polar Express & Christmas Lights

Last week as part of our Advent Activities we watch The Polar Express together as a family. It’s probably one of my favorite Christmas movies, and both boys enjoy it every year.

So, this week we thought it would be fun to get the boys in their pajamas, load up the car stocked with popcorn and hot chocolate, check out some Christmas lights.

thumb_IMG_9810_1024We got all dressed up right down to fuzzy slippers for both boys, conductor hat for Daddy, and Santa hat for Mommy. Got our tickets to ride The Polar Express and hit the road to pick up other passengers – Uncle Ray Ray, Aunt Heather, Jackson, and Emmy. We all piled into the suburban and headed to Newport News.

It was a fun night and a wonderful memory maker. Sam said it was a very fun express, and then he promptly fell asleep. A big night for everyone and very fun pretending we were on a train and recreating portions of the movie from the perspective of our four and two year old!

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