Bullet Journals & Five Year Old Thoughts on Jesus


These are my notes from church yesterday. Toward the end of the sermon, my almost five year old asked (read: begged) me to let him write too (note to self: make him a bullet journal).

He copied the next to last bullet and whispered in my ear the question, “What did I just write, Mommy?”

I told him even more softly and his eyes lit up as he went back to work drawing a picture to illustrate.

He whispered his explanation as he went, “The man with a black heart is a NO. He has no power. The superhero is a NO because he’s not Jesus. The white heart is a CHECK. He has power because his heart has Jesus.”

It is as simple as that my friends. He ended his doodle by writing, “I luv you.”


I love you, too, Buddy!

Praise Jesus for the beautiful, simplicity of the Gospel. Jesus lived the perfect life. He died the all sufficient death. He rose again three days later – conquering sin and defeating death. Why? So that we might be born again into a renewed spiritual life with Him. Our greatest need has been met and through faith in Jesus we receive power through the Holy Spirit to live for Him all the rest of our days. Oh, hallelujah!

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