Groundhog Day 2016

Since February 2nd was Groundhog Day, we spent the week talking all about groundhogs, Pennsylvania, and predictions. It was a fun-filled week with the boys.

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We are finally finding our groove with our homeschool routine. Timmy is currently 29 months old and very, very interested in school time. There is no telling him to go play with blocks anymore. He wants worksheets and projects just like brother. He even tries to trace the letters on everything I give him because that’s what Bubba does. Keeping him busy is the key to a stress-free school day.

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Sam is five years old now and it’s amazing the change that’s happened in him the last six weeks. His attention span has really expanded. There are days when he reminds me that he is still really little by something he does, and on those days, we pull back and do less. But mostly, we’re able to keep a really nice, steady rhythm to our days. We’re able to do more subjects in a day instead of JUST doing a reading lesson or JUST doing a craft or JUST doing a math lesson. So, this is really exciting for both of us and we’re having a little more fun!

Now, what we did for Groundhog Day!

I found this amazing Groundhog Day Activity Pack at A Spoonful of Learning. I absolutely love her site. She’s a public school teacher, but I have benefited SO MUCH this year from her resources. When I’m stuck in a planning rut, or we just need something fun and engaging, I go to her site. I literally have it bookmarked I frequent it for ideas so often.

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On Monday (the day before Groundhog Day), we talked about what Groundhog Day is all about.

We started out by reading her Groundhog Day Class Book together. I liked it better than any other book I found on the subject because Sam was able to read it with me, and it covered all the basic facts easily. Both boys really enjoyed reading the “homemade” book.

Then, we did the Groundhog Day Student Book to review the facts that we just read about Groundhog Day.

groundhog day 2016-4

Timmy’s was already filled out, so he colored his. He absolutely loved seeing that he was doing the same work as Sam. This is another reason why I love A Spoonful of Learning’s stuff. She gives various levels for each of her activity packs.

groundhog day 2016-5

Sam had to fill in the blanks all the correct answers. He opted to color as well. This was a day that he was pretty tired, so he was not a fan of having to write his answers in. I ended up helping him finish his book, which was just fine.

groundhog day 2016-3

I set our bulletin boards up with fun visuals from the activity pack. The boys LOVED this! It’s truly the little things. They were so excited to get started on school this day because they wanted to know what all these words and pictures meant!groundhog day 2016-1

Before heading outside to play, we called the grandparents and I let Sam explain that he was working on a school project. Don’t worry – Timmy was there too repeating everything Sam said. This meant I had to repeat everything too in order for the grandparents to understand a word we were saying. We’re working on phone etiquette. What can I say?

Anyway, I had Sam tell them that Groundhog Day was the next day, February 2nd, and we were making predictions. We wanted to know if they thought the groundhog would see his shadow or not. After they made their predictions, we colored a groundhog with their corresponding answers. Then, we pinned it on our board so we could see all the answers.

Finally, Sam graphed the results, but I didn’t get a picture. We were in too much of a hurry to get outside!

groundhog day 2016-2

This is the other bulletin board that I made our word wall for the week. We reviewed the words each day.

On Groundhog Day (Tuesday), we made some adorable Groundhog Hats from the activity pack. I wasn’t sure the boys would enjoy this, but they did.

groundhog day 2016-7

They were very, very proud of their creations!

While wearing their hats we did the Groundhog Day Flipbook. Again, I was totally surprised by their level of excitement. Sam declared that school was just so fun! Well, okay then!

groundhog day 2016-11

I love the details of Sam’s groundhog. He was really into making him look like the illustration on our bulletin board. He caught details that I had missed. groundhog day 2016-12

Timmy participated the entire time today. He may not have understood what we were doing completely, but he did get some practice with gluing each answer into the little boxes. Great fine motor practice, right? And a complete sense of accomplishment when he was done!

groundhog day 2016-10

He would glue his piece on and then wait patiently for Bubba to turn to the next page. Sam had a little writing to do on each page and he had to cut his own pieces out which took him a little bit longer.

groundhog day 2016-14

I think he looks so handsome and sweet in this picture. Plus when it was time to our afternoon school work (Timmy was napping) he said, “Mom, I want to wear my hat while I work because I think it makes you happy.” Such a sweetheart!groundhog day 2016-13

We have been incorporating listening activities two to three times a week into our afternoon time to work on following directions. Sam is very independent and assertive, but following directions goes against his stubbornness from time-to-time. These listening activities have made submitting to authority a little less threatening. I’ve already seen a big change in him, and believe it or not? He REQUESTS these activities. He loves them! I got this one from here.

groundhog day 2016-15

The last thing we did on this day was matching groundhog parts. I got this from this download pack.

The rest of the week, we had a few things here and there.

One morning we read Groundhog Gets a Say which is a really cute story that gives a lot of information about groundhogs in a fun storybook way. It is probably one of our favorite books.

We talked a lot about burrows, hibernation, and various other things that are unique to groundhogs. I just let the book do my teaching for me and we didn’t do any go-alongs because the boys seemed to really grasp everything just by reading the story.

Plus it was 70 degrees outside with a promise of snow the next day. We didn’t want to stay inside!


On another day, we worked on AB, BA, ACC, and ACB patterns using a worksheet from this Groundhog Day Pack.


Finally, we talked a lot about Pennsylvania this week. We worked on identifying it on the map along with reviewing the states we’re already familiar with. We also talked more about the Atlantic Ocean and just had fun working different puzzles.

I had plans for a few more things groundhog related planned for this week, but pregnancy exhaustion set in one day and I just had to rest. Thankfully the weather was warm and the boys could go outside with Daddy.

We were able to catch up on our reading lessons, complete an entire math unit, and start a new read-aloud book. I’d say it was a full, exciting week in the Dutton’s Homeschool Room. 🙂


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