A Walk Outside with the Boys (A Mini Garden Update)


Considering the fact that Cary arrived right in the middle of Spring harvest time, we enjoyed our garden immensely. It’s easy to think that this year was “a failure” again because I wasn’t able to really work or tend to the garden. It was sort of left to itself aside from the enormous amount of work my mom put into it while she was here.

However, the boys loved going out to see what was growing, we all enjoyed endless salads filled with broccoli and cherry tomatoes, and it was encouraging to know we did, in fact, grow food for ourselves again. Even if we aren’t completely self-sufficient. 😛


This was a disaster. A complete and total disaster. ha! Our peas and green beans above were a little overcrowded, don’t ya’ think?thumb_img_1604_1024 thumb_img_1609_1024


thumb_img_1616_1024 thumb_img_1622_1024 thumb_img_1621_1024

I look forward to watching these boys grow, and for their SISTER to join them out here next year!


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