Cary’s First Week in (Mostly) Pictures

Susannah Cary

Thanks to Nonnie for rushing out to buy little miss some pink clothes! So adorable!

Susannah Cary and Samuel

This little boy was over the moon! This picture was snagged as the overflow of love and joy exploded. He didn’t know I had a camera. This is sheer delight of a five year old boy whose dream for a sister came true today. He looked at her after this and whispered, “A sister and she is ours!”

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The Dutton girls were glad to add another girl to our mix!

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We made it through the first night!


The snores and snuggles of the first few days are just precious. Slowing down can be hard, but these are moments I will never get back. Soaking them all in right now as we heal and recoup from baby girl’s big entry. This is amazing grace!

Someone just won’t let me put her down. Shame isn’t it? I tried so hard too. Eh, rest time for everyone this afternoon.




I think it’s safe to say that her big brothers are over the moon about her!

thumb_img_1590_1024 thumb_img_1636_1024

I never thought I would be snuggling my own pink. I was content with my occasional snuggles with nieces throughout the years. I was convinced being a boy mom was what I was made to do. But this. Just this. It’s something altogether sweet. It helps that she’s an incredible baby. I know she will eventually “wake up,” but in the meantime, this sweetness is more than I can handle.

And this right here is what kept labor stalled … That little arm right there. I love the first week or two after babies are born because you get to see all their little womb positions. I cannot count how many times we tried to check her head position only to be confused by that little arm. Ohhh, but she is here now.

This little girl right is my easiest post partum baby yet (by way of sleep and care, NOT as easy on my body though)! The last few days she’s found a rhythm, and I’ve actually been able to get more sleep than I ever dreamed possible. No, it’s not easy. Yes, I still squeeze in naps and nurse groggy eyed at night, but this girl deserves to be bragged on. I want to remember that she might have taken her merry time getting here, but she came out ready to be a blessing. I think I was wrong about the thumb vs. pacifier. She uses neither to self soothe so far. She loves sleeping in her basket at night swaddled in a thin blanket with a thicker blanket over her feet. She sleeps on her back which has NEVER happened for me. During the day, she still prefers to be held and really sleeps well when I use the Sleepy Wrap and wear her. Last night we went to bed around 11 and woke twice in the night to nurse, every few hours just like she should. Tomorrow she will be one week old, and I have to say, it’s been the best first week yet and it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with that little unique person, fashioned by God, right there.

I think I finally got a baby who looks like me. I think she’s going to have her Daddy’s hair color though, and if so, I am so jealous. So very, very jealous. I see more red tints everyday, especially if she wears pink.


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