Some Moments to Remember


One night I should have really been getting dinner started because it was a karate night for Samuel, but I cannot bring myself to get up. I mean really… Look at that. I didn’t get up either, and somehow Sam made it to karate on time with a full belly. It all worked out.


This kid keeps me on my toes. He’s loud, messy, and runs wherever he goes. He’s all boy and gives the absolute best hugs. He’s silly and sarcastic, loving and sensitive, and he’s growing and changing so fast! He reminds me so much of my brother and that makes my heart happy because I know this powerful little personality can change the world someday. Or at least make a big impact with bravery and courage!


Little Miss finally “woke up,” and she’s letting us know that she’s not a fan of being put down. She’s not a fan of a car that sits still or a stroller that stops moving. She doesn’t like dirty diapers on her bottom or Mommy to hold her and not let her have milk. But she’s easily consolable if you stick her right in here or nurse her to sleep and transfer her to her bed. She will let you know which one she prefers at the moment though. I hear you, Baby Girl. I hear ya’ loud and clear. ? She reminds me of Sam as a baby which likely means we will be spending a lot of time at home for naps. I’m okay with that!

We took a trip out to Walmart and the car wash, and I’m not sure, but I don’t think Cary was too big of a fan. She sure is cute though!

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