Johnson Family Photos 2016

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we gathered for a family photo shoot. We added two more little girls to the family so Nonnie wanted an updated picture. It was NOT easy getting a picture of everyone and we certainly aren’t professionals, but I think we snagged a few good ones worth sharing. 🙂


The snazzy woman who makes us all get together for these sessions (for which we are actually all grateful even if we give her a hard time).


Sometimes the test pictures are some of the best ones.



The group that all the following craziness branches from …family-pics-2016-5 family-pics-2016-6

And because this picture makes us laugh until we cry, we’re including it here. family-pics-2016-7

I could point out a million things in this picture, but I love that Anna and Timmy are holding hands. I’m also glad that my kid isn’t the only one who tucks his hands in his sleeves (ahem, Addison and Avery). 😛


The boys!family-pics-2016-13

The girls.



Oh, Timmy, why so sad?


The Johnson’s…



Then we gave the kids the camera. Yes, we did! They had fun. The rest of the pictures are courtesy of all those over the age of … well, family-pics-2016-16 family-pics-2016-17 family-pics-2016-18 family-pics-2016-19 family-pics-2016-20 family-pics-2016-21 family-pics-2016-22 family-pics-2016-23 family-pics-2016-24 family-pics-2016-25 family-pics-2016-26

I love this crazy family! The chaos, the loudness, the laughter. Just all of it.

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