First Hike of the Season

We had a nice warm day today and since we didn’t make it to church for various reasons and Daddy really needed some time of quiet to work on school stuff, I took the boys on a nice long hike.


After enduring the stomach bug, potty training madness, and lots of snowy, stuck inside days, this hike was much needed for the boys and me. thumb_IMG_0429_1024

Sam said no less than twenty times that this was the best hiking day ever. He can’t wait to go back.

Sam was more brave this time and ventured ahead of the pack a lot. I love watching his leadership skills emerging. thumb_IMG_0433_1024

Timmy was a trooper and successfully completed his first solo hike (no more carrying this little boy!). He did start lagging behind toward the end, but after an hour and a half of hiking, who can blame him?

I’m 25 weeks pregnant today with our third little boy, so it was a good pace for me. We were sad Daddy couldn’t be with us, but I’m so encouraged by how well the boys and I managed without him. I forsee lots of hikes in the spring!

Nature Journal: Observing Birds at the Bird Feeder


This morning we had an uncanny amount of birds at our bird feeder. So, we took out our guide and identified as many as we could.

We made a list together on the dry erase board, and then I asked the boys to draw one bird in their nature journals. Of course, Timmy just scribbled in his, but Sam chose to draw a cardinal.

It was totally improv but that’s just the way I like it! They loved this and we learned SO MUCH about all the different birds that keep coming to our feeder.

Both boys can now identify cardinals, chickadees, and downy woodpeckers just through frequent conversations about our backyard birds. This was a fun way for them to see just how many different types of birds we see on a daily basis.

I really should do stuff like this more often.