Learning About Moses

IMG_0675_1024We read about Moses today and I wanted to share the little activity I put together for Sam to help illustrate the story. It was so easy. I want to remember it to repeat with Timmy when he gets a little bit older.

After reading the story, we took ribbon strips and weaved it through the basket our play food came in. This was a great fine motor activity for Sam as we wove our basket for Moses. Then we placed our baby Moses in the basket and acted out the story. We don’t have dolls in our house seeing as I have two little boys, so we just used what we had.

I was surprised how much Sam enjoyed this story and activity. So simple but so rewarding.

A Nature Collection Walk

We have been taking advantage of the last remaining warm days before the snow returns.


We took a nature walk and brought along a bucket to collect our findings. Sam was particularly fond of picking dandelions. IMG_0657_1024

IMG_0659_1024Along the way we came across a bunch of mailboxes. We took some time to read the numbers together. I’d call out random numbers and Sam would find them. I love homeschool. It has very little to do with sitting in class and very much to do with learning though our surroundings and everyday life. There are so many teachable moments throughout the day like this one.


Midway through our walk, I took a seat in the grass and let Timmy out the stroller to roam a bit with his new found legs. 🙂 It was a big open space so I encouraged Sam to explore. He’s not one to venture far from Mommy so it took some coaxing, but I finally convinced him to run up the dirt hill that you can see just over Timmy’s ear in the picture above. IMG_0658_1024 This one just enjoyed being a ninja. haha!

It was a beautiful day for a walk. It was nice to get outside and we collected some fun nature things to explore more later.