Trimming the Tree as a Family of Four

It’s still a little surreal to know that we are trimming the tree as a family of four this year, but we are and how fun it was.

DSC_0361_1024 DSC_0365_1024

Sam got to put the first ornament on the Christmas tree and he chose the red polka dotted D. I’m not surprised. This boy’s favorite color is red!DSC_0369_1024

Of course, I had to move it up higher because it’s so heavy and precious. DSC_0371_1024 DSC_0372_1024 DSC_0373_1024

Each ornament was like a brand new discovery for him. He’s at such a fun age!DSC_0375_1024 DSC_0376_1024 DSC_0380_1024Timmy really didn’t care much for the tree. He’d just as soon stare at his brother. 🙂

Labor Day Weekend

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. I am a ticking time bomb. I’ve been having a lot more contractions, but Mom won’t be here until tomorrow. Thankfully this weekend was the air show which was a nice distraction. Plus the walking felt absolutely amazing to me!


Airplanes, helicopters, and pilots – oh my! This little boy was in heaven. IMG_4352_1024 IMG_4359_1024

I was so glad Daddy was around to help him build the toy airplanes because I would have been totally lost. IMG_4368_1024I cannot believe these are our last days with just him. I’m looking forward to introducing him to his new brother or sister though!

July 4th in Steamboat Springs

IMG_3976_1024I think the 4th of July is my favorite time to be in Steamboat Springs. I miss the beach with family, but this is hands down the best time of year to stay put.

Our town is so full of life, culture, and character. Plus the weather is phenomenal. I mean, seriously? Jackets in July?

DSC_0012_1024We started the day downtown waiting on the parade. The best parade ever!DSC_0106_1024 DSC_0118_1024Eventually the jackets came off and the sunscreen went on, but still glorious outside!DSC_0126_1024Mark’s boss and his family taking part in the parade. IMG_3980_1024 IMG_3984_1024

A camel? Really? Wow.IMG_3987_1024

Only in Steamboat … haha!IMG_3995_1024

Back home we did an American Flag craft with Sam that he really enjoyed. IMG_4001_1024

Plus watermelon cut out in the shape of a star and a flag. Yum! I’m not sure I’ll ever have a holiday so perfectly put together again, so we enjoyed it to the fullest!IMG_4003_1024

By mid-afternoon it was much, much warmer outside, but still beautiful. We headed to the rodeo which was packed full and the only seats we could get were on concrete slabs. I was pretty uncomfortable, but it didn’t matter. We had so much fun! Sam was in heaven!IMG_4006_1024Sam chased a sheep which was weird and exciting to him. He wasn’t sure whether to be scared or elated like the other kids.

We left before the rodeo ended and watched the fireworks from the house wrapped up in blankets and surrounded by night. It was truly a wonderful 4th of July celebration with just the three of us.

Mother’s Day 2013

What a wonderful Mother’s Day this year. I had no expectations leading into the day, and when Mark asked what Mother’s Day meant to me, I really didn’t have an answer. I wasn’t sure and sadly I hadn’t given it much thought.

Holidays and birthdays have never been a big deal to me. I think I chalked them all up to the equivalent of Valentine’s Day (the way the culture defines it). As Sam grows and as I grow, if I’m being totally honest, I’m redefining one holiday at a time. Christmas was truly special this past year, and I have thoroughly enjoy celebrating my little boy’s birthdays. This year Mother’s Day took on a beautiful meaning that I’m not quite sure I’m ready to put into words. But pictures I can do – at least a few.

We rarely remember to take photos on holidays, but this year we finally remembered!

Mother’s Day 2013

After a delicious breakfast cooked by the husband and presented with a homemade Mother’s Day card from my two year old, we headed down to the river to trout fish.

I honestly believe we live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. I only wish I had remembered to take my camera out to capture all the different parts of the Yampa River as we meandered around looking for where the fish were biting.

We spent the better part of the morning fishing with Sam tucked into his hiking pack. I managed to get one to the bank, but as I’m still a novice I didn’t get to bring him in for a picture. But it was exciting to see a trout and get a feel for the way they fight.

The morning on the water as a family was beautiful!

This is the little boy who made me a mother. What a joy he is to us – to me!

As a baby, I wondered what sort of personality he would have – would it be mine or Mark’s or a little of both? Though we certainly see ourselves in him, right now he’s a personality all to himself. He’s silly, very funny, passionate, willful, and loving. He loves to give directions and requests family kisses regularly – Daddy kiss, Mommy kiss, Daddy kiss Mommy. It’s sweet and completely adorable.

He loves his green hat, sunglasses, and will most always choose socks over bare feet (much to his southern mama’s chagrin). He smiles endlessly and throws a tantrum occasionally. He loves trains and trucks and balls and people. He’s a boy through and through and I love every little inch of him! He has been a wonderful introduction into motherhood.