Samuel: 5 Years Old {LEGO Party and an Interview}

It’s hard to believe that Sam is five years old. It seems like just yesterday we were finding out we were pregnant for the very first time.

We had a LEGO Party to ring in a new year for him. After spending some time at my family’s house and discovering just how much he loved them, we thought it would be a great way to get a little help building his stash.

thumb_IMG_0079_1024I made a LEGO cake that took way longer than I expected it to, but I had so much fun making it. Sam helped me design it on a LEGO board first, and then I just made two sheet cakes, cut them into pieces and iced them. The buttons are simply iced Oreos. Simple dimple!

thumb_DSC_0764_1024I didn’t know so many people didn’t eat birthday cake. Even though we had over 30 people at the party, I could have stuck with just one sheet cake. Now I know! thumb_DSC_0775_1024We started the party with coloring sheets I downloaded for free off the internet. One of Sam’s all time favorite activities is coloring, so this was a no brainer.thumb_DSC_0784_1024Grammy made an adorable banner that we hung over the mantle with some baby pictures of Sam. Baby pictures only because this was the last time I remembered to print pictures off … bad mom award. 😉thumb_DSC_0798_1024We served pizza, veggies and fruit for everyone to eat! And afterward, we played a couple of games – pin the head on the LEGO man and a bean bag toss. My pictures were too blurry to post. thumb_DSC_0814_1024Katie is one of Sam’s sweet friends, and he wanted her to sit with him to open his presents. He’s had this planned for days. thumb_DSC_0816_1024Love how sweet their friendship is.thumb_DSC_0823_1024The birthday boy kicked back waiting for us to light his candles. thumb_DSC_0824_1024Blurry but too cute not to post.

thumb_DSC_0825_1024One very, very, very happy little boy!

thumb_IMG_0100_1024On his actual birthday, we started the day off with celebration donuts. He chose a chocolate covered one with sprinkles, but in true form, he only ate the bottom of the donut.

This picture makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Happy because he is thrilled to be a five years old. Happy that I’ve known him for five whole years and there is still so much to learn about him. Happy because he’s mine. Yet sad because this is the first picture that I don’t see baby anymore. Sad because I can see the man he’s becoming emerging in the curve of his chin and the look in his eye. But mostly I’m just thankful. To Sam, the best oldest son I have. A teacher, a leader, our courageous one. We love you Buddy!

thumb_IMG_0099_1024In the afternoon, we went bowling as a family, and these two really got into it. I love how very dear they are to one another. The best of friends. I’m also thankful that we’re all home together during the days so we had the flexibility to go during the day since there was going to be league bowling after dinner.

When we got home, I conducted an interview with Sam.

What was the best part of being four years old?

My smartness went out. I can’t think of anything. Okay, okay … eating ice cream. It was a long time ago.

{I don’t think he understood the question.}

What do you think five years old will be like?

Ohh, having my birthday tonight – I’m eating mac-n-cheese for my birthday. And ribs.

{Again, not sure he understood the question, but we did have ribs, mac-n-cheese, green beans, cole slaw, and rolls for dinner with Grammy, Big Papa, Nannie, and Pop. 🙂 }

What is your favorite thing to learn in school?

I like my worksheets. Reading. Math. Science. And coloring.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A Dad.

How many kids are you going to have?

I think I want to choose 14. I’m going to have a lot of them!

What is your favorite book to read?

The Three Little Pigs. The one with the wolf. That’s what I’m going to read to my kids.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Hmm…play games.

What’s your favorite game?


Now, will you ask me about Woody Woodpecker?

What is your favorite cartoon?

Woody the Woodpecker.

Who is your best friend?

Timmy! And Jackson and Emmy.

What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite thing to eat?

Fried eggs.

What is your favorite thing God made?


What about outside?

Flowers. And playing!

What is your favorite Bible verse?

John the Baptist.

No, not person. Verse like when we do the scripture memory box together.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is GOOOOOOOD! ~Psalm 34:8a

What is your favorite thing about Daddy?

Playing baseball with him and going bowling with him.

What is your favorite thing about Mommy?

Reading books with you and sitting in your lap.

What is your favorite thing about Timmy?

Playing with him.

What’s your favorite thing to play with Timmy?

Um. Hmmm…let me think. While scratching his temple. Superheroes!

Are you looking forward to having another brother?

Probably. He could be my catcher and Timmy could be my thrower.

So, you’re the batter?


What else would you like to say?

Um, no.

And with that, this little boy is off to play the Wii and wait for his ribs and mac-n-cheese!

It was a fun-filled 5th birthday! I look forward to another year with this little dude.

Christmas Morning 2015

This was our first Christmas in Virginia. We had a sweet time at home as a family on Christmas morning and spent the evening with family.


These two waited very, very patiently for Mommy and Daddy to make their coffee before going in to see what Christmas presents showed up over night.


And they were thrilled!


Playdough is his favorite!

thumb_DSC_0727_1024 thumb_DSC_0731_1024 thumb_DSC_0735_1024

Slim Jim’s were also a favorite.


The mess of the morning fun.


He begged me to let him take pictures. I love that he even knows how to properly hold a camera.



These two curled up on their new bean bag and watched Peter Pan to wrap up their morning. And then they continued to do this over and over again every single day for the next week.

Candy Cane Sensory Fun – A Yearly Tradition

I started putting this candy cane sensory activity together for Sam when he was two years old. Sam loves sensory bins and had been begging me for a “smell good sensory bin” all week. I’ve finally been feeling well enough to comply, and set this up for them to find.

It’s just baking soda, vinegar, food coloring and peppermint essential oil. I added a couple of plastic candy canes to help them make the association with the peppermint smell.

candy cane sensory fun-1

I gave Timmy a dropper and two small measuring spoons to use. Sam got a dropper and medicine syringe thing-a-ma-jig. candy cane sensory fun-2

This was Timmy’s first time taking part in this little activity and with the peppermint essential oil smell added to the vinegar it made it a very aromatic experience for all of us. I just sat and watched and enjoyed the aromatherapy. 🙂candy cane sensory fun-3 candy cane sensory fun-4The syringe was a huge hit with Sam. It allowed him to really squirt the liquid a little more forcefully giving the explosive effects more pizzazz.

thumb_IMG_9719_1024I loved watching them process and experiment. candy cane sensory fun-6 And of course it always ends with getting a little messy! Who doesn’t love a little gooey texture between the fingers every now and then.

They loved it and spent nearly half an hour exploring. I love creating memories with these two boys!

Learning About Moses

IMG_0675_1024We read about Moses today and I wanted to share the little activity I put together for Sam to help illustrate the story. It was so easy. I want to remember it to repeat with Timmy when he gets a little bit older.

After reading the story, we took ribbon strips and weaved it through the basket our play food came in. This was a great fine motor activity for Sam as we wove our basket for Moses. Then we placed our baby Moses in the basket and acted out the story. We don’t have dolls in our house seeing as I have two little boys, so we just used what we had.

I was surprised how much Sam enjoyed this story and activity. So simple but so rewarding.

Jesus Died on the Cross

IMG_8902_1024As I mopped the kitchen floor, Sam started pulling out white construction paper, yarn and scissors. After a few minutes, he says, “Mommy, will you help me? I want to make a cross so I can make Jesus died on the cross.” I helped him glue down the yarn and left him to his project.

A few minutes later, he pulls out red tissue paper and says, “Mommy, this is Jesus’ blood.” The rest of it I wrote down as he created the story from his mind because I didn’t want to forget it. I had no part in this except to help him where he asked for help with a difficult cut or glue that wouldn’t stick. He found all the materials and created this from his little mind. He never ceases to amaze me.

The Boys and their Sandbox

When the heat of the afternoon hits, we always move to this side of the house. Our home shades us from the sun and allows us to continue playing. We set the sandbox up for the boys and I think it might be their absolute favorite place to be.

DSC_0302_1024 DSC_0319_1024 DSC_0322_1024 DSC_0325_1024 DSC_0328_1024I am so thankful that these two love each other so much. They are a gift to one another and to me.