Timmy Turns One and I Deserve a Cookie

Did I say I deserve a cookie? Yes, yes, I did.

Timmy is not a textbook baby. He has kept me on my toes this year, humbling me, and reminding me of my great need for God. He makes me laugh and cry all in the same day. This kid has my heart. He is sweet, funny, and loveable. He’s walking like crazy and loves airplanes. Books are growing on him and he loves music. He’s a dancing machine and amazing sleeper. He’s one year old and we are glad to have him. He is the perfect addition to our family.

Now, let’s enjoy some cookies!

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The Boys and their Sandbox

When the heat of the afternoon hits, we always move to this side of the house. Our home shades us from the sun and allows us to continue playing. We set the sandbox up for the boys and I think it might be their absolute favorite place to be.

DSC_0302_1024 DSC_0319_1024 DSC_0322_1024 DSC_0325_1024 DSC_0328_1024I am so thankful that these two love each other so much. They are a gift to one another and to me.

Summertime Fun

The weather is finally warm enough for sprinklers and shirtless babies. After dinner, we pulled out the sprinklers to water the yard, and Sam instantly donned his swim trunks.

DSC_0312 DSC_0318 DSC_0327 DSC_0351 DSC_0372

Meanwhile, Timmy decided to do a little gardening while looking cuter than ever …

summer fun-3 summer fun-4 summer fun-5 summer fun-6 summer fun-7 summer fun-8

A Regular Day in Our Life {Park Picnic & Library}

These ordinary moments seem mundane, but what a gift to live the ordinary with these two precious boys.

We’ve been cooped up a bit this week and just needed to get out of the house. So, I packed a lunch and loaded the boys and the stroller and headed to the park. We enjoyed a sweet picnic and walk to the library. I did mostly video of these ordinary moments, but I did capture a few pictures.

DSC_0120_1024 DSC_0126_1024 IMG_8298_1024 IMG_8299_1024

IMG_8300_1024 IMG_8301_1024

This little guy loves the swings, and when did Samuel start swinging in a big boy swing (sorry, no pictures of Sam)?


I am so grateful for this library. It’s a beautiful respite in the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

Timmy is 8 Months Old

I have had a busy work schedule these last several days, so I took some time to just sit outside and watch the kids play. Timmy is eight months old today. It hardly seems possible, but it is. Those baby blue eyes are just killer.

DSC_0007_1024 DSC_0019_1024 DSC_0030_1024 DSC_0032_1024 DSC_0035_1024Love this kid!

Rocking Him to Sleep

IMG_7867_1024The day was warm and we just wanted to be outside playing. But this one needed a nap. I left Sam with the neighbor next door since he was playing so nicely with her daughter and sneaked upstairs to rock this one. I felt like I should rush. I felt like I should hurry so I could get back to Sam. But something in me said to just rock and rest. So I did. Babies don’t keep. Sam was just fine without me.