Baby Belly #2 at 38 Weeks

IMG_4349_1024It is hard to believe that we’ve already made it this far. I’m 38 weeks pregnant with this mover and shaker. I’ve been having a lot of contractions the last week or so, but nothing painful – just very similar to my labor with Samuel.

My mom will be here in a few days. I would really like this baby to stay put for a little bit longer. Since we are doing a home birth, I need her help and someone needs to clean my bathroom. 😉 I’m tired, but I feel strong. I’m actually looking forward to that first contraction.

Baby Belly #2 at 35 Weeks

We are getting so close to meeting this baby!

IMG_4240_1024I’m 35 weeks and really getting out there! We’ve had a nice big growth spurt this last week. I’m feeling tired again and very uncomfortable. I try not to complain, but I’m ready to meet this baby so I can start the healing process.

IMG_4234_1024I dropped about ten peaches on the ground at the grocery store the other day. There was no way I could have picked them all up. I am so grateful for this eager to help little boy. Nevermind the mounds of people that walked right by us without offering a hand. I have to remind myself that this place has its perks, but it’s not the south …

I can’t wait to find out if we’re going to be adding a brother or sister to the mix. Sam still hasn’t told us what he wants. We ask him if he wants a brother or sister and he always, and I mean always responds, “Brother or sister.” I’ve not had a strong leaning one way or the other up until this week. I’m beginning to suspect another little boy. We’ll see!

Baby Belly #2 at 31 Weeks

IMG_4071_1024We continue to chug along this pregnancy. We’re 31 weeks and feeling pretty good. The nesting instinct is no joke. I’ve even found myself deep cleaning our garage. Who knew a baby needed a really clean garage? I didn’t.

Last week I had a night of strong contractions that I felt working this baby down. So low will be my middle name until birthday!

Baby Belly #2 at 25 Weeks

IMG_3565_1024Another month gone by, and I’m continuing to feel good. Second trimester is so good to a pregnant mama. We’ve been spending all our spare time outside working in the garden, which is so wonderful. I love the exercise, and Sam just loves being outside. Plus we got more donuts today!

IMG_3566_1024 IMG_3569_1024

Baby Belly #2 at 21 Weeks

IMG_3378_1024I have been feeling so frumpy lately. With very few places to shop for maternity clothes, I’m out of clothes to cover this 21 week belly. So, Sam and I took a trip to Wal-Mart to see if we could get lucky. Thank goodness we did!

Oh and we’ve been asked a lot whether we are finding out if this baby is a boy or girl, and we have decided 100% to wait until his or her birthday to know! We found out with Sam, and we wanted to experience not knowing at least once. We’ll see if we ever do it again though. 😉