A Visit to Virginia to Get a Break from the Snow

We took a trip to Virginia to get a break from the snow – and to see family of course. Plus Mark quit his job so it was a good time to get away and just take a break from LIFE.

It was so nice to be in short sleeved shirts, playing outside, and taking in the sun again! We had a lot of wonderful family time and created so many memories that I doubt I will ever forget.

DSC_0007 DSC_0017

These two are inseparable. There bond was instant, and I’m sure lasting. DSC_0035

Selfies with Aunt Heather, of course!DSC_0039

See? Inseparable!DSC_0044 DSC_0051IMG_7582_1024

IMG_7587_1024Nannie was itching to feed the baby. 😉IMG_7683_1024Superhero Timmy! We tried so hard to not get a blurry picture, but my phone just wasn’t cooperating.

IMG_7699_1024I’ve never seen a family as crazy about ice cream as this family.

gloucester visit-1-2

One day was just way too pretty to sit inside. Plus the daffodils were in bloom so I had to pull out the camera. Wait until you see these pictures! I am so glad I pulled out the big camera.gloucester visit-2-2 gloucester visit-3-2 gloucester visit-4-2 gloucester visit-5-2 gloucester visit-6-2 gloucester visit-7-2 gloucester visit-8-2 gloucester visit-9-2 gloucester visit-10-2 gloucester visit-11-2 gloucester visit-12-2

I just love the details of this picture. The rolls, the curled toes, the little fingers, the baby daffodils…I could go on and on.gloucester visit-13-2 gloucester visit-14-2 gloucester visit-15-2 gloucester visit-16-2 gloucester visit-17-2 gloucester visit-18-2

Sam keeping Timmy from eating the daffodils. gloucester visit-19-2 gloucester visit-20-2

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the daffodils. gloucester visit-21-2

And gear up for family pictures!


gloucester visit-22-2 gloucester visit-23-2 gloucester visit-24-2dutton family pics-1-2 dutton family pics-1 dutton family pics-3 dutton family pics-4 dutton family pics-6 dutton family pics-8 dutton family pics-9 dutton family pics-10 DSC_0010_1024

We took a walk around Williamsburg on another day. Man, the weather was just beautiful while we were in Virginia! DSC_0024_1024 DSC_0032_1024IMG_7642_1024

Sam had his first sleepover at Aunt Heather’s and Uncle Ray Ray’s. We expected to have to pick him up, but we never got the call. So sweet!


The Daffodil festival was also going on while we were there. This was my first time to make it to one even though I’d heard so much about it. It was wonderful! The kids had fun and we met a lot of people…well, I met a lot of people. haha!DSC_0065_1024 DSC_0069_1024 DSC_0080_1024 DSC_0082_1024 DSC_0084_1024 DSC_0122_1024 DSC_0143_1024

Sam’s first pony ride. He wanted to do it again!IMG_7611_1024IMG_7710_1024

We wrapped up our time in Virginia at Busch Gardens, or as Sam lovingly referred to it – Good Bushes. 🙂IMG_7713_1024 IMG_7736_1024 IMG_7742_1024

Our time in Virginia was gloriously blessed. It was hard to leave. When it was time to say goodbye at the airport I stood with Timmy on my back, holding Sam tightly and crying right along with him. I’m so grateful for the Duttons!