DIY Water Table

Since we won’t be making it to the pool, or water park, or beach, or well, pretty much anywhere for the next several weeks, I asked begged Mark to make the boys a water table. They played for an hour or more the first time we pulled it out. I see lots of time spent out here this summer.

img_1851 img_1853

Party Like You Just Had a Baby

In those first few weeks after Cary’s birth, I was stir crazy. To say we had cabin fever would have been an understatement of the century. Not only were we cooped up for weeks waiting on her to get here, but afterward I had to heal and give my body time to do recuperate which meant MORE at home time. But we kept busy, and we tried to be creative while creating special moments and memories together.


I tried to set a beautiful table at least once a day. It wasn’t always fancy or even all that “beautiful” but it was to us. We discovered German Pancakes and it changed our lives! 😉 Breakfast became the highlight of the day when the boys were able to watch the crazy shapes our pancake would take while baking in the oven. Because no two pancakes turn out the same, it was delightful, and memorable, and … even comfortable.

thumb_img_1680_1024 thumb_img_1681_1024 thumb_img_1683_1024

The boys had a grand time setting up forts and barricades and playing “Army” together. Timmy was thankful for his helmet because he got caught in the line of fire.


Stabbing a box with an oversized pencil was also the play of choice one day. Boys. That’s all I’m gonna say.


Before Cary was born, I gathered the stuff for a Caribbean party. We dug out the decorations, glued some sequence and googly eyes on some foam hearts to make fish, and ate dinner outside one night. thumb_img_1705_1024

Nonnie and Pepaw were with us, so it was a nice family affair! thumb_img_1695_1024

Then, of course, we enjoyed snow cones together.


And all the while, little girl continued to be practically perfect. We nicknamed her Mary Poppins!

The Duttons Come for the 4th of July Week

After such an amazing day last year, we knew this would be the perfect trip for the Duttons. We invited the whole crew out, and they came! We were so excited, and we had so much fun!

We went on a hike one day very similar to the one we took with the Lawsons. We planned to do the same one but couldn’t seem to find the right trail this time. The hike was still amazing, and the kids did awesome.

DSC_0296_1024 DSC_0316_1024 DSC_0326_1024 DSC_0329_1024 DSC_0334_1024 DSC_0340_1024 DSC_0349_1024 DSC_0350_1024

IMG_8982_1024 IMG_8802_1024 IMG_8806_1024

On one particularly hot day, I pulled out some homemade popsicles I had on hand, and they were a huge hit!IMG_8626_1024 IMG_8627_1024

IMG_8646_1024 IMG_8633_1024

Of course we headed down to the 4th of July parade and had a blast gathering candy and seeing the sights. IMG_8647_1024 IMG_8648_1024 IMG_8682_1024

That afternoon we made hats and all sorts of other fun crafty things. IMG_8698_1024

IMG_8875_1024 IMG_8876_1024 IMG_8877_1024 IMG_8879_1024

I even hung the creations up in my laundry room after they left so I’d always remember. 😉IMG_8714_1024

I took these two to a showing of Frozen on the green. It was free and such a fun. Mark, Uncle Ray Ray and Aunt Heather caught up with us later. But I had a lot of fun with these two!IMG_8721_1024

I think they love each other. IMG_8723_1024 IMG_8734_1024 IMG_8742_1024 IMG_8752_1024

Everyone came out to watch Daddy play softball one night. Talk about some fun!IMG_8793_1024

We went floating down the river. In all our time in Steamboat, we’d never managed to do this. It was tons of fun! Thanks to Grammy and Papa for keeping the littlest two.IMG_8826_1024

We woke up early one morning for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I looked forward to this all year. This was beautiful and fun!IMG_8828_1024 IMG_8830_1024 IMG_8849_1024 IMG_8850_1024 IMG_8851_1024 IMG_8854_1024

We ate lunch at Sweet Peas. So yummy!IMG_8983_1024

Maybe Grammy’s favorite place, we went to the natural hot springs. Such a lovely day and relaxing!

The whole week was wonderful. We felt blessed by their visit and amazed at their willingness to come. It’s a LOOOOOOOONG way from Virginia. Thanks, Duttons! You’re the best!

The Lawsons Come for a Visit

Mark’s high school football, math teacher, and mentor came to Steamboat with his family for a few days. This was my first time meeting them, and boy am I glad I did. We learned so much from them during their short stay, and we look forward to seeing them again!


I think someone is excited to be in the woods!IMG_8559_1024Sam dressed himself for the hike. Isn’t he cute? I’m totally digging the socks.

DSC_0287_1024We went on a pretty heavy hike. We weren’t sure if Sam could hang, but he did! Plus Timmy stayed nice and content in with his sockless feet. Love those baby toes!DSC_0294_1024 DSC_0310_1024

IMG_8561_1024 IMG_8537_1024There is nothing like a picnic in the middle of the woods. IMG_8545_1024Someone tuckered out. IMG_8560_1024

But Sam stayed strong! IMG_8579_1024We love eating at Sweet Pea – fresh local food and outside! We spent the day biking all over Steamboat Springs. The Lawsons rented bikes and we rode and we rode and we rode and we rode. I’m so glad the Duttons are in shape! 🙂


The Boys and their Sandbox

When the heat of the afternoon hits, we always move to this side of the house. Our home shades us from the sun and allows us to continue playing. We set the sandbox up for the boys and I think it might be their absolute favorite place to be.

DSC_0302_1024 DSC_0319_1024 DSC_0322_1024 DSC_0325_1024 DSC_0328_1024I am so thankful that these two love each other so much. They are a gift to one another and to me.

Mad Creek Hike with the Youth Group

We set up a hike with the youth group over the weekend. It wasn’t an easy hike with two little boys, but we had plenty of help carrying the babies when their little legs grew tired. We are so blessed by this group!


Oh that gummy grin is just something!MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-6 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-8 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-10 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-11 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-12 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-13 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-14 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-15 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-16 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-17 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-18 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-19 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-20 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-21 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-22 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-23 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-24 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-25 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-26 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-27 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-28 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-29 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-30 MAD CREEK HIKE 2014-31We ended the trip at Lyon’s for cheap ice cream. I think Timmy was into it. 🙂

July 4th in Steamboat Springs

IMG_3976_1024I think the 4th of July is my favorite time to be in Steamboat Springs. I miss the beach with family, but this is hands down the best time of year to stay put.

Our town is so full of life, culture, and character. Plus the weather is phenomenal. I mean, seriously? Jackets in July?

DSC_0012_1024We started the day downtown waiting on the parade. The best parade ever!DSC_0106_1024 DSC_0118_1024Eventually the jackets came off and the sunscreen went on, but still glorious outside!DSC_0126_1024Mark’s boss and his family taking part in the parade. IMG_3980_1024 IMG_3984_1024

A camel? Really? Wow.IMG_3987_1024

Only in Steamboat … haha!IMG_3995_1024

Back home we did an American Flag craft with Sam that he really enjoyed. IMG_4001_1024

Plus watermelon cut out in the shape of a star and a flag. Yum! I’m not sure I’ll ever have a holiday so perfectly put together again, so we enjoyed it to the fullest!IMG_4003_1024

By mid-afternoon it was much, much warmer outside, but still beautiful. We headed to the rodeo which was packed full and the only seats we could get were on concrete slabs. I was pretty uncomfortable, but it didn’t matter. We had so much fun! Sam was in heaven!IMG_4006_1024Sam chased a sheep which was weird and exciting to him. He wasn’t sure whether to be scared or elated like the other kids.

We left before the rodeo ended and watched the fireworks from the house wrapped up in blankets and surrounded by night. It was truly a wonderful 4th of July celebration with just the three of us.