The Duttons Come for the 4th of July Week

After such an amazing day last year, we knew this would be the perfect trip for the Duttons. We invited the whole crew out, and they came! We were so excited, and we had so much fun!

We went on a hike one day very similar to the one we took with the Lawsons. We planned to do the same one but couldn’t seem to find the right trail this time. The hike was still amazing, and the kids did awesome.

DSC_0296_1024 DSC_0316_1024 DSC_0326_1024 DSC_0329_1024 DSC_0334_1024 DSC_0340_1024 DSC_0349_1024 DSC_0350_1024

IMG_8982_1024 IMG_8802_1024 IMG_8806_1024

On one particularly hot day, I pulled out some homemade popsicles I had on hand, and they were a huge hit!IMG_8626_1024 IMG_8627_1024

IMG_8646_1024 IMG_8633_1024

Of course we headed down to the 4th of July parade and had a blast gathering candy and seeing the sights. IMG_8647_1024 IMG_8648_1024 IMG_8682_1024

That afternoon we made hats and all sorts of other fun crafty things. IMG_8698_1024

IMG_8875_1024 IMG_8876_1024 IMG_8877_1024 IMG_8879_1024

I even hung the creations up in my laundry room after they left so I’d always remember. 😉IMG_8714_1024

I took these two to a showing of Frozen on the green. It was free and such a fun. Mark, Uncle Ray Ray and Aunt Heather caught up with us later. But I had a lot of fun with these two!IMG_8721_1024

I think they love each other. IMG_8723_1024 IMG_8734_1024 IMG_8742_1024 IMG_8752_1024

Everyone came out to watch Daddy play softball one night. Talk about some fun!IMG_8793_1024

We went floating down the river. In all our time in Steamboat, we’d never managed to do this. It was tons of fun! Thanks to Grammy and Papa for keeping the littlest two.IMG_8826_1024

We woke up early one morning for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I looked forward to this all year. This was beautiful and fun!IMG_8828_1024 IMG_8830_1024 IMG_8849_1024 IMG_8850_1024 IMG_8851_1024 IMG_8854_1024

We ate lunch at Sweet Peas. So yummy!IMG_8983_1024

Maybe Grammy’s favorite place, we went to the natural hot springs. Such a lovely day and relaxing!

The whole week was wonderful. We felt blessed by their visit and amazed at their willingness to come. It’s a LOOOOOOOONG way from Virginia. Thanks, Duttons! You’re the best!