IMG_1526As a family, we’ve lived in three different states in less than seven years, and quite frankly we’re tired of moving. We currently live in Eastern Virginia close to family and loving it (most days when we aren’t missing Texas – a place we’ve never lived). We love to travel, create family memories, eat good food, and be around others who don’t look like us. We are passionate about Jesus and seek to be intentional in all we do so that we might glorify His name.

Duttons Photography is a place we can capture our memories and words so we can look back and remember the details we will soon forget.

Meet Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann is obsessed with the details: the long lashes grazed with tears, dewdrops resting on the early morning grass, pudgy hands wrapped around mama’s legs, the crooked smile of a teenager, the dishes in the sink after an ice cream party, and more! She loves capturing family memories!

Meet Mark

Mark is obsessed with nature and the bird’s eye view: the perfect sunset over the Sleeping Giant, rising early to sit atop a mountain overlooking a sparkly lake of mist, birds perched on a fence post, a baby bear scaling a tree, and more! He loves capturing all of creation outside!

thumb_IMG_9404_1024Samuel is our oldest boy. Our red headed precocious one. He’s almost five and loves traveling, skiing, reading, playing Wii, and the details. He asks, “why” more times in a day than we can count and wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s strong willed and compassionate, always in tune with others’ feelings.

Timothy is our two year old. He’s our blue eyed one who keeps us busy with his wide open demeanor. He loves his brother, cooking, superheroes, and tinkering. He has fierce concentration and loves to make you laugh. He’s the best at cuddling and loves being rocked to sleep. He’s all boy and can put down a 10 ounce steak like it’s his job.

We lost our third baby, Lucy Ann, in January 2015. It was sad and unexpected, but God is good and keeps us in His perfect will.

We are now expecting our fourth child, due in June 2016. We found out we were pregnant with this one on Lucy Ann’s due date. A sweet gift from God, we think. The boys want a sister so badly. We’ll have to wait and see how this story unfolds.

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